Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pig Business!

About a year ago, I met a women by the name of Barbara Sha Cox. I had read an article featuring Barbara earlier in the week profiling her work as the founder of the advocacy group Indiana CAFO Watch (see here) Anyways the article discussed the environmental and societal problems evoked by CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operation) in Indiana. Ever since meeting her, I have stayed in touch and tried to do my small part (writing legislatures, signing petitions, etc.) to keep CAFOs and CAFO waste out of my home state. CAFOs basically produce inferior quality meat, the animals are treated terribly, they put small family farms out of business, and the concentrated waste produced in CAFOs damage local ecosystems and makes locations virtually unlivable due to the pollution and smell.

The first I had heard of CAFOs was a 2007 Rolling Stone article entitled Boss Hog (here). I immediately stopped eating commercial pork. Since then other sources that I heave read or watched include Omnivores Dilema, Fast Food Nation, Food Inc, The Future of Food, and others. For anyone interested, Barbara just sent me the link to a new UK documentary Pig Business discussing how Smith Field Farms, the number one pork producer in the U.S. has moved over to Poland to break a foothold in the european market. The movie features Rick Dove, a speaker at the last Indiana CAFO Watch conference, and does a great job of showing the myriad reasons why CAFOs are not an optimal means to produce meat. The official Pig Business website cane be here.

Check out the documentary...


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  2. Hi Jassica,

    Thanks for commenting. Im glad you found it interesting.